The activity of “Military training uniform donation” held by

the Youth Association of The School of Computer and Information Engineering

Date:08,October,2020  Author: Hu yaxin  

Photography :Wang Erwei Yang Jingwen

Rustling autumn wind,military training curtain down,the old clothes public welfare donations,love has fallen.On October 5th solstice on October 7th,the “military uniform donation”activity held by the youth volunteers association of the school of computer and engineering was successfully held in the student apartment of Dongyuan, Jinming campus.

Before the activity officially started, the volunteers made students know the public use of military training uniforms and how to raise funds through online and offline publicity. At noon on The 5th, volunteers stood quietly at the booth and began to collect and register the information of military training uniforms donated by students. On the evening of the same day, the volunteers entered the dormitory building as a group and explained to the students the recycling USES and real places of military training uniforms from door to door on the principle of voluntary not demanding. Students actively donated their military training uniforms, and said: "A good foundation, why not?" . With the help of the students and volunteers, the activity went on smoothly. On the evening of June 6, military training uniforms were sorted, sorted and arranged by volunteers.

On the morning of July 7, volunteers arrived at Kaifeng city sanitation station with nearly 120 sets of military training uniforms and handed them over to sanitation workers in person. The person in charge of the bureau of Environmental Protection expressed his sincere thanks to the volunteers, and then the two sides took a group photo.

As good as water, clothing is also deep. This activity allows the used military training uniforms to play a greater role in perpetuating goodwill and warmth; At the same time for the sanitation workers to send a bleak autumn in a warm, deepened the volunteers for the "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progress" volunteer spirit of understanding.