Freshman Cup Basketball Tournament Successfully Held

In the afternoon of October 18, we held a basketball match for the freshman of the College of Computer and Information Engineering at the basketball court of Jinming Campus. The purpose of the game was to enhance the friendship and communication among students, enrich their campus cultural life and strengthen their physical fitness. The basketball team, composed of freshmen of the 20th grade, played in the basketball court.

The game was in 3v3 format, and the referee blew the whistle to officially start the game. The players were very lively and fiercely competed for the ball, serving, dribbling, passing, breaking, and fighting for the ball ....... The atmosphere on the court was very tense. The basketball players were all heroic, attacking and defending each other on the court. They approached the basket with sturdy and skillful movements, and launched a round of offense and shooting, with handsome and neat movements. The passion of the participating players was high, and the audience shouted for support, pushing the atmosphere of the court to a climax time and again. After the fierce competition, the top three teams of the tournament were: first place: Kaifeng’s Lakers team; second place: Kaifeng’s Spurs team; third place: Kaifeng’s Rocket team.

The basketball tournament not only enriched the freshmen's spare time life, but also strengthened their awareness of physical exercise and cooperation. The tournament allowed the freshman to relax in addition to their tense study life, and also added a colorful touch to their university life.